daisymae (daisymae1) wrote,

In the garden lies death... 😋

Someone said the little scarecrow in my garden was "cute," so I had to give them the real story:

Ahh, but therein lies the genius of the thing: the crows think they have nothing to fear but...look again at those eyes behind the harmless smile. If a crow more than glances at the scarecrow, his soul is shattered by visions of unthinkable darkness and the bird falls over, dead from a terror so deep as to be unmeasurable. Among the local wildlife, this "cute little guy" is known as " He Who Smiles Among The Rows," and creatures both great and small know not to frolic in this McGreagor's garden. The beautiful butterflies are the only things that dare to flutter about the garden, but these butterflies carry the souls of those who dared the garden path. They look lovely, but if they could make a sound, the garden would be filled with endless butterfly screams...
Tags: butterflies, garden, horror story, scary, screams, summer, terror
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