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Creepy childhood memory

Another site I was on asked folks to share a story of a creepy encounter. This is my story of what happened to me whenI was in 6th grade:

In 6th grade, I lived in a small Tennessee town. Our neighbor next door had a teenage son who was tall and skinny and who had long black hair that was always hiding parts of his face.
This kid had a camera, I guess it was one of those 8mm video cameras. He used to ask me and my friend to "dance, and spin around really fast" while he made movies of us.
Looking back as a grown-up, I realize he was filming our underwear, legs, etc as we spun around in our dresses. :0(

One day, he talked us into his basement, saying he was filming a "planet of the apes sequel," (yes, I know. Kids are gullible!) and wanted us to be in his film. I remember feeling flattered he wanted me in his "movie," but I had butterflies and was feeling kind of scared and confused, too. The guy was sweaty and breathing weird and it made me feel weird, too.

Suddenly, we heard the basement door open, and feet on the stairs. Teenage guy got a really scared look on his face,and shoved us under an old table that had a dusty tablecloth hanging down,and he got in our face and whispered , " don't make a sound!"

It was the guys dad,and all we heard from under the table was a mumbled conversation between the two. my friend and I were shaking and trying not to breathe or make a sound. I remember i really had to pee, and i had an urge to giggle. I have no idea why we didn't question why he didn't want anyone to know we were in the basement, or why we didn't come out from under the table, but we didn't.

When the dad went back up the stairs, creepy guy said for us to leave but he would come get us later. We ran out the basement door and never went back, and avoided him after that. Neither of us told anybody about the "movies" or the basement.

We moved soon after, but I still wonder what ever happened to that guy, and if those old films of us twirling around with our panties showing are still floating around...
Tags: creepy, movies, weirdos
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