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Answers to random questions from another board

I'm a member of a debate team board. Mostly I lurk and read,which is pretty entertaining. I do enjoy answering questions or joining in sometimes. I used to LJ often,and I miss having a place to write what I'm thinking,so thought this topic was as good as any to make my LJ comeback.

The debate was about young marriage. Do we think its good,bad,or do we feel age doesn't matter. My response:

I married my high school sweetheart when we were 20,but we were both kids emotionally. Both with homes and backgrounds that weren't the best models for how to relate and how to behave in a marriage. Our time together was less of a calm and loving place to rest and recharge after a long day, and more of back to back episodes of Jerry springer. We thought drama and embarrassing displays of jealously=love.

Needless to say,it didn't end well. We are friends today,and we laugh about how naive and silly we both were. Our best embarrassing story we look back on and laugh....we were at the mall,in the game arcade,probably playing Galaga or centipede or something. Dewayne thought some guy was "looking at his woman,"called the poor guy out,and started fighting in the parking lot. I was out there,baby on my hip,yelling, "dewayne!!! Y'all need to quit! I'm taking our baby and walking home!!" Geez...

That was pretty much our experience of young marriage,lol...one giant cringe-worthy event after the other. *sigh*

How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.-Wayne Dyer ** Tracy, mom of Levi (24) Amanda (20) Katie (9),& Josiah dob 6/4/10

There it is,my first post in a while. I wanted a place where I could sort of gather some of the stuff I write about in different places,and anchor it all together here on LJ. Nobody comes here or reads this stuff much,but I write my brain-thoughts down for my own amusement...and to try and stave off the dark things for one more day. :0)
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