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My Last First Time

I took off work today, and spent the day at the zoo with my daughter. She is in kindergarten, and it was her very first field trip. I had so much fun, but it was a little sad, because I know how quickly she will grow up, and before I know it, she'll be out the door. I said this was my last first time, because my other "little ones" are 21 and 17, and this is my last baby (unless we get another late in life surprise!), so this was the last time I will get to go on a first field trip with my child. :0)

The kids were so excited this morning, it was funny. The teacher was attempting to keep them in their seats and on task until the bus came. One little guy hopped up and said, "Mrs. Webb! Mrs. Webb!! We are going to the ZOOOO!!!"

Then another one goes, "Mrs Webb, Mrs Webb...the zoo is in Nashville! I know that! I know the zoo is in Nashville!!"

They were cracking me up....

Linky Loo to the Nashville Zoo:

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