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Why I missed my 25-year reunion

Summer of 2009, I was thinking about going to our high school reunion/picnic at the park.I hadn't gone to any reunions,but thought since one of the events was a casual meet at a park, I might drop by.the day of the reunion I woke up with cramps and bleeding,culminating into a trip to the ER,as I was having a miscarriage. I had been 7.5 weeks pregnant, and hadn't told but a very few folks. I was 43 and the pregnancy was not planned,but losing the pregnancy was a sad, lonely and painful experience.

Mark acted like it was no big deal. Like a skinned knee,or like I hit my funny-bone. He never talks about it,ever. February was my projected due date, and every February, I get a little melancholy thinking about who that little Miss or Mister would have been.

I did have another unexpected pregnancy, and gave birth to my awesome Josiah in June of 2010,my 5th pregnancy,4th and final baby. :0) he is my rainbow baby,my happiness after the rain.

So, that's why I didn't show up for my high school reunion. I also was just a faceless person in a graduating class of over 500 people, and nobody really knew me. I wasn't in with any cliques, groups or clubs. Never stood out in any way, so I'm sure I haven't been missed over the years. Anyway, that's that.
Tags: miscarriage, pregnancy after loss, pregnancy over 40, reunion
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