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Aquariums are the crack of the pet world.

You think, "Ok...just one, just a small one." Next thing you know, you have a 55 gallon aquarium up in the playroom, a small 2.5 "for the babies"sitting by the bed, and the 70 gallon down in the basement is calling my name. "Traaacy, come on...set me up again. You know you want to...remember how good it used to be?"

I got a couple of angelfish from a lady at work, :"for free." Thank you, Rhonda, for feeding my habit.Thank for for waking the beast. She started out by giving me some guppies. "Just try it," she said. "It will be fun." I told her I had aquariums before, but once we built our new house and moved 3 years ago, I vowed to never set another one up again. How easy it was to fall.....:0D

I'm really loving this new workout, Chalean Extreme. Today is abs and yogs, but first I'm gonna clean out the aquarium....

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October 1 2009, 01:27:43 UTC 7 years ago

Mom, this is quite hillarious, they are like crack, before you know it,you are in walmart grocery shopping and you end up buying all these accesories for your tank.
Yep, they are. I watched 2 friends go completely bonkers. It can start with a goldfish. Next thing you know, ya gotta have friends for the goldfish, which requires a real aquarium. Then you have to decorate it, then you see somebody else's bigger fish and her comes another even bigger aquarium. One friend went completely overboard and is now living at the National Aquarium in DC. He's grown fins, gills and we just go visit him and watch as he swims back and forth. He's happy. It's beautiful!