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People ask me to complete these things..

....then they back away from me slowly, or sometimes run away screaming! :o)

Name: Tracy Annette

Birthdate: January 26, the age of aquarius..or is it aquariums?

Birthplace: Tennessee

Current Location: after 1 million moves, I am back where I started, in my hometown.

Eye Color: brown

Hair Color: blonde

Height: 5' 4

Weight: In between 120-123, but fighting for 115!
Piercings: left ear twice, right ear once (from when I dated T.B. and we shared earrings). Belly button and nips, but the nips and navel have closed for business. May re-pierce them someday....

Tatoos: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: want me to list them? I had a few back in "the day."

Overused Phraze: "Back in the day" :0D


Food: yes.I do eat food. Chinese buffets are awesome! I get on "food jags" where I am perfectly happy to eat the same thing for weeks at a time. Like, I will eat a turkey and swiss on WW bread from Great Harvest bread store every day for lunch for a month, or a cup of shredded lettuce, 2 slices of shaved turkey, pulled into pieces, 1/4 cup of fat free croutons, 2 tablespoons of cheese crumbles and a tablespoon of catalina dressing. every day, for weeks. :0D I have issues with food...

Candy: sweet tarts, pixie stix, sour patch kids, butterfinger, baby ruth, and for a treat, I LOVE See's chocolates! I mail order them from California on occasion. I also LOVE fizzy fruit tingles and violet crumbles (you can order them from online aussie food catalogs). I also like those real liquor filled Fizer chocolates. I found an online source for those chocolates! fizer liquor fills....yummmm

Rock Band: I prefer Guitar Hero. :0)

Actor/Actress: Actress: Li Gong (AKS Gong Li):http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000084/ I love everything I've ever seen her in! Raise the Red Lantern, Memoirs of a Geisha, Curse of the Golden flower, etc etc...

Beautiful and wonderful actress!!! Actor....Well, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt are beautiful. I think Robert Duvall is an amazing actor. Try watching him in "Tender Mercies" if you want to watch an amazing actor at work. He's just so so so so good in that film, and just about anything I've seen him in. Try the first Lonesome Dove miniseries also to see him inhabit a role! http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000380/

Number: A mom and a daddy/had a little baby/that makes threeee/in the family! (from Sesame Street)Good song, great number. However, I like all numbers equally.

Color: Green

Animal: Well, the family loves our three dogs and our amazing slothful, clawless indoor cat. To me, that is just more poo to pick up, and more mouths to feed, more things needing my attention. I should have been a hermit in a cave, or a wandering gypsy. Alone, alone, alone.....*sigh*

Drink: ice cold water, but do love one of those tiny 100 calorie cans of coke or sprite on my free day (Sunday).

Alcohol Drink: don't drink anymore, but back in the day, it was bacardi 151 with dr pepper, mountain dew or coke. 151 got me the drunkest, the quickest, which was my goal! Woo-Hoo!!!

Bagel: Asiago Cheese bagel, or blueberry bagel (anti-oxidant!). gotta have some good carbs after a workout. 1/2 a bagel only, and it has to be plain. If I absolutely am worthless and weak, I will put 1 TEASPOON of strawberry cream cheese on the bagel.

Letter: I like the lowercase Russian letter "t" because it looks like an "m" except with a line over the top.

Body Part on Opposite sex: the lips, tongue and fingers if they know what they are doing. Also, the penis. It's important that it works. If it doesn't, they had better be REALLY good with the other parts I named.

This or That

Pepsi or Coke: Coke. Have to stay away, or I will binge on it. One coke a week.

McDonalds or BurgerKing: McD's has a grilled snack wrap that isn't bad if you don't get the mayo one. get the one with honey mustard instead. and just one. not two. eat slow, tiny bites. :0)

Strawberry or Watermelon: watermelon tastes like sour water to me. We grow tons of the nasty things. We also grow strawberries, which I love, but they make me break out in spots if I eat many of them. LOVE them fresh from the garden,though!

Hot tea or Ice tea: neither.I cannot abide tea. I hate tea and watermelon. Am I really from the south?

Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate gravy over biscuits or pancakes. Another free day treat!

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: hot cocoa with marshmallows. coffee with 2 sugars is also good sometimes.

Kiss or Hug: kugs and hisses.

Dog or Cat: I will sell you the entire kit and kaboodle....name your price. :0)

Rap or Punk: Eminem was good in that movie 8 mile. It was sort of rap? and blondie is good in that old rapper's delight song. I like the Ramones, which was sort of the beginning of punk. The late 70's The Clash-London Calling, Should I stay or Should I Go,Rock the Casbah. The Sex Pistols-Anarchy in the UK. wanna see the first time they were on tv? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8szRgIcYlY&feature=related

Summer or Winter: Summertime, and the livin' is easy! I am a lizard, and I need the sun!!!

Scary Movies or Funny Movies: both/either, according to my mood. Usually needs to be obscure with subtitles to hold my interest. I also like dumb, stupid guy movies, like that movie about the cute pregnant blonde chick with the pot smoking boyfriend? and the stupid sports spoof movies, like dodgeball. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

Love or Money: That's a tough one. If I had enough money, I wouldn't need love. Again with my "alone traveling the world" hermit theme. I like love, but always, always f*ck it up. Every.Single. Time.They like me at first, but always, always, always it ends. Then when they get tired of my sh*t and go away, I try to lure them back, then I push them away again. it's a pretty damn sad game I play! I wish no man would love me, because then I wouldn't have to worry about living up to expectations, or screwing up someone for life....lol. I am a really good mom, though. I am trying to put my own children in a happier place than I have ever been! I want them to be self-confident creatures, out in the world able to have normal human emotions and relationships!My children are loving, happy, healthy, giving people, who seem to genuinely care for other people, and they are funny and sweet, and smart, too!


Bedtime: around 1030, then up at 5 am to work out 6x a week!

Most Missed Memory: my childhood. I don't remember hardly anything before the age of 14 or so. I kind of remember things when other people do the, "hey remember when...." stuff. That is one reason I've always kept a diary, because my memories are like wispy clouds...I think it is a protective mechanism, lol....

Best physical feature: none. I am a constant work in progress. Some days I sort of like my legs at a certain angle! and people say my bum is nice.

First Thought Waking Up: Dammit! Then I think, "man I wish I had that lasik done, so I could see the freaking alarm clock." then I usually think, "where are my glasses? has the cat knocked them down again??" Then I remember they are over by my clock, so have to reach my arm over further. THEN I get up, go pee, and go straight downstairs to work out. if there is no more water in the basement fridge, I have to climb back upstairs and get one, then back down again.

Goal for this year: For Jeanna to sell her house! my personal goal: more muscle, less f-a-t!

Best Friends: I hear good friends are hard to come by.

Weakness: kryptonite

Fears: love=dependence=vunerability=scary.

Heritage: the bottom of the gene pool!

Longest relationship: long does not = great. sometimes long only equals fear and co-dependency! I keep waiting for my Mister to toss me to the curb...


Ever Drank: YES

Ever Smoked: YES

Pot: Should be legal, all I'm sayin. I would much rather deal with one of my clients on pot than alcohol...

Ever been Drunk: YES

Ever been beaten up: yes I have, on more than one occasion.it sucks, by the way.I got a big beat-down by a gang of girls in a school in Dalton Georgia in the 8th grade.

Ever beaten someone up: mentally, I have.

Ever Shoplifted: I talked other people into doing it, while innocent me reaped the benefit without the fear of being caught.

Ever Skinny Dipped: yes, rode home across town nude, too, on a dare. It was pretty funny! I put a shirt over my top half when we stopped at red lights. It was VERY late at night!

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: YES

Ever Kissed Same sex: yes

Been Dumped Lately: not today!

IN A GUY/GIRL?? Am I currently in a guy or girl? No, at the moment I am typing on the laptop.

Favorite Eye Color: two eyes are pretty good. Dark, brooding eyes are nice, beautiful blue ones, green ones, ones that look Intelligent are a plus.

Favorite Hair Color: brown or black

Short or Long: as long as it's not "business in the front, party in the back" I'm good.

Height: too tall intimidates me, I don't like it. anywhere from 5'5" to 5'10" is good for me.

Style: I have none. I need to be on that "what not to wear" show.

Looks or Personality: Nice looks are good, but I need a personality strong enough to not be psychologically shredded by tropical storm Tracy.Not many last too long around me.

Hot or Cute : Hot is hot, but it can fade pretty quickly. something to be said for a michael j fox kind of cute, and also for a tommy lee nasty sort of hotness.

Drugs and Alcohol: Umm, of course, just say no, right?

Muscular or Really Skinny:muscles...mmmmmmmm, muscles!I want a man bigger than I am! Too skinny just makes me want to FEED them, for goodness' sake! Hardbodies rock my body, although there is something to be said for Jeanna's "skinny guys have big things" theory.


Number of Regrets in the Past: "regrets, I have a few/but then again, too few to mention..."

What country do you want to Visit: American Samoa, Belgium,Cambodia, China,French Polynesia, Egypt, Ireland, Italy, NORTH Korea (want to know what is really going on over there),Moldova,Marshall Islands, Morocco, Singapore, Russia...

How do you want to Die: I don't. I want to be young and healthy and vital for at least 300-400 years!

Been to the Mall Lately: Our mall is dead. Only jc penney and GNC remain. Getting ready to bulldoze it, rumor has it. We have a HUGE shopping center, though, taking the place of indoor type malls. Less chance to be randomly shot by a crazy when you are not trapped inside a giant gerbil maze/indoor mall.

Favorite store to shop at: Kohl's, Goodwill Superstore, Books a Million, but my favorite bookstore is the Book Cellar, a used bookstore about 30 miles away in Crossville. I love little independent stores, and love to explore downtown, off the beaten path places.

do you like thunderstorms? thunder, ok. Lightning and wind, not so much.

Get along with your Parents: no comment in this semi-public forum...

Health Freak: no?

Do you think your Attractive: your attractive what? do you mean you're attractive? I am a work in progress...

Believe in Yourself: isn't it obvious? LOL.....

Want to go to College: want to go back!

Do you Smoke: Not anymore. gave up cigs years ago. still love the smell of them, and the ritual of them, how you light a cigarette, how you hold it, wave it around, inhale, how the smoke wreaths back out of your mouth and nose.....

Do you Drink: not alcohol anymore.I loved it "back in the day," but only to get drunk.

Shower Daily: Eww, yes!

Been in Love: obsessive love/lust, several times.

Do you Sing: yes, but you don't want to hear it. I know the lyrics to a zillion random songs, but can't carry a tune, so my gift is worthless! unless we are playing "Name That Tune."

Want to get Married: I am already. (Sorry, Mark.) If he ever leaves me, I will never do this to another man!

Do you want more kids: I love being pregnant, and would be a surrogate if I wasn't older than dirt.

Age you lost your Virginity: I was barely 14, and he was in his 20's. Not a great experience....

Hate anyone: Too much energy to hate. I do bloom out with it on rare occasions, but can't sustain the feeling. I usually feel hurt more than hate, and once I feel someone has hurt me, any feeling I had for that person turns to indifference. Once I feel indifferent, it has never turned back into love. That little switch goes, "flip." The End!
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