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July 2008 P90X ramble....

P90X Bring It! Thursday
Did you "bring it" today? Do you always? For the first few weeks, I wasn't even sure what the H was going on, no idea really what "it" was, much less how to bring it! I was too busy trying not to trip, fall, hit myself in the face while flailing around during kenpo....etc.

Then some days,I know I half-a$$ed brought it, just sort of showing up for the party but sitting alone in the corner.

Most days though, once I got more sure of myself, I just went for it,and ended up in a giant puddle of sweat by the end. I always feel SO GOOD when I give 100% to my workouts, so why don't I always do that?

That's another thing I'm gonna work on next round.

One thing about actually completing 13 weeks is I can see all the places I need to improve my performance in order to improve myself!

The good part is that now I'm more familiar with the workouts, that learning what they heck everybody is doing is over with, so next round I can just strive toward being able to actually do what they do!

Today was stretch for me, bleh. Sort of like gentle yoga in disguise. Another goal for next time, try my best to RELAX, breathe, try to become more bendy and stretchy and stuff.I need to be more patient with yoga and stretch days, I know, but I just want to jump and move and lift stuff!!

I have core again tomorrow, which is ok, then I finish with YOGA from hell on Saturday.

Have a good one, as always! -Tracy
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