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Independence Day

Independence Day & Fireworks Laws
Here in Tennessee, fireworks sales are permitted from June 20-July 5, and again December 10-January 2nd. We have new neighbors who just moved here from Ohio, and I think they moved here just so they can shoot fireworks, because every stinking night for the past week it's been, BOOM/BOOM/BOOM!!!!! It's like years of pent-up longing have finally been realized for these folks, LOL....

ANY sort of fireworks, as long as they pass inspection, are legal to sell.

Up until last year when they upped the age, the minimum age to purchase fireworks was age TEN! So it is always a scary time of year around here, a bunch of little bitty kids running amok with dangerous explosives.

This year, they upped the age to 16, a much more responsible and level-headed group of folks.... riiiight.

The funniest thing is that every time those guys fired off another bottle rocket, or roman candle or whatever, I hear the boom followed by, "Wheeee-Haw!" Or sometimes, "YEAH!!!!" or "Woooh, yeah!!!" "Didja see that one???"

It's all fun and games until someone loses a finger!

So if any of you are passing through our beautiful state this time of year, keep your windows rolled up and if you are out walking around after sunset, be prepared to duck and cover! -Tracy
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